News: Android, ZK, Motorola

  • Android SDK 1.5r3
    Without big announcements the third release of the SDK is available for download at (link)
  • Motorola goes Android
    Despite (or maybe because of) its declining mobile business Motorola starts a new platform for Android support coming with tools (still in beta), marketplace and more. The tool are available only for Windows and Mac OSX. Find more infos at MOTODEV (link).
  • Singapore Android usergroup
    A dedicated group with regular meetups and own website (link)
  • ZK 5
    We are getting closer to major release 5 by Potix. You can find some general info at (link). A preview version is also available for download (link).

JUG (Java User Group) Singapore

I was recently ranting about a missing Singapore Java User Group. There is some information about previous groups but they appear dead. I try to start a new one… I considered to use but I am not really willing to pay money for this. Sorry.
I am not a Java Guru or expert, but that wont stop me to organize something.

Netbeans Wiki Info

The SUN Techdays (20.22 Jan 2009) would be a good starting point.