Glassfish V3.1.2 and SSL

After almost 3 years (see previous post) I revisit the topic this time using the latest version og Glassfish 3.1.2 and GoDaddy as certificate provider. I created a certificate for a sub-domain ( this time and make use of the extremly cheap 5.99 U$/year offer (no wildcard included)

Let me summarize the key steps here: Continue reading

ZK 3.6.3 and ZK5.0rc with Glassfish V3 and EE6

In my previous post I described how to get a EE6 web application using the ZK3.6.3 framework on Glassfish V3. I noted while redeploying or undeploying the web-application it made the GF instance plus the JVM crash (running Ubuntu 9.04,9.10 and JDK 1.6.b16).

This problem does NOT exist anymore with the latest build from last week. Make sure you update to build b72. Start the updatetool in glassfish-home/bin. (you might have to start it several times, I got several times time-out errors, or better click on the reminder if you choose the automatic update check feature).


Glassfish V3b72

Install Glassfish on a virtual server (Part 2)

Using the same virtual server I tried to install Glassfish V3 (prelude) which comes in a 26MB zip-file. At least I would avoid the installer complaining about not enough memory available. After unzipping the server and with proper JAVA_HOME path all we need to do is to start the server with /glassfishv3-prelude/glassfish/bin/asadmin start-domain

Starting: java -jar -Xmx128m admin-cli.jar start-domain (here with 128MB setting)

I would get the same error in the logfile in domain1/logs/jvm.log

<writer thread='-1209660528'/>
Error occurred during initialization of VM
Could not reserve enough space for object heap
<tty_done stamp='0.013'/>
<hotspot_log_done stamp='0.013'/>

Conclusion (again): You need more than the 256MB priced virtual server.

Glassfish V3 prelude
SUN Quickstart Guide