Switch to Ubuntu

Using a fairly powerful Dell Vostro 1500 notebook running a Intel® CoreTM2 Duo Mobile Processor T8300 with 4 GB of RAM I decided to switch over from running fulltime XP PRO to Ubuntu ! I bought a sep. harddisk with a bezel and can switch between the 2 fulltime OS anytime. I still need Windows for some simulation and games using the NVidia 8600 horsepower.

Installing Ubuntu Desktop 8.10 (intrepid) tooks less than 15min plus another 20min downloading all the actual updates and patches.
Additional installed software:

  • JDK 1.6.10  (How to install: Open Terminal and “$ sudo apt-get install sun-java6-jdk“)
  • Netbeans 6.5 (How to install: Download from www.netbeans.org, make the netbeans-6.5-ml-linux.sh executbale (chmod +x fiename) and start it $ ./filename)
  • Skype
  • Virtualbox (link)

Using VirtualBox I run Windows XP (thanks to the licence that came with the notebook), Solaris 10, OpenSolaris 2008.11 smoothly and do development in Netbeans (which starts up much faster compared to Windows). Using Windows XP PRO with dedicated 2GB is smooth (except the NVidia card) at the same time I use Ubuntu.

I installed also third harddisk with a fulltime OpenSolaris, but I use USB harddisks for storage and OpenSolaris wont mount them (at the moment).

The only thing missing: JavaFX ! I will have a look at the receipe to do it (link) or just wait for the official release (whenever that gonna happen..?).


There is a couple of virtualization products out there. Besides Virtualbox fron SUN (link), we have VMWare (link) that offers the Player and the Server edition for free. These are great tools to run separate OS or separate “virtual” machines as server or clean environments. If you run several of them concurrent a 64bit version of Windows and more memory makes sense.

I also recommend to drop by..
a) the virtual appliances marketplace with tons of pre-build servers and OS (link)
b) JumpBox (link) with a variety of pre-build applications (like BugZilla in a box)

You can save quite some time if you either want to evaluate a product without installing or use without worrying too much about the installation process.

I have a openSolaris, Fedora9 and Windows2003 Server always on standby for testing, as well running a wiki, bugtracking,.. on it.