About Waterfall Methodology

In today’s IT world there is lots of talks, discussions and religious wars about Software Implementation Methodology or Strategy. You can read about XP, Rational, Scrum, Agile,.. to name a few but most dominant ones. I am very strong believer in an agile approach, even I know it is a hard way to get it communicated to the customer and digested by them (but I will do everything to come close to it). We all do the Waterfall Approach knowing it is crap. Dr. Winston W. Royce was writing about in 1970 (!) and already mentioned it would not  work for large IT projects. But we are still doing it after almost 40 years ! Carrying the self-fulfilling prophecy in front of us saying “Yes, it is like that. No customer will agree to or understand agile.”


  • The original concept by Dr. Winston Royce, Managing the Development of Large Software Systems (link)
  • Wikipedia about Waterfall Modell (link)
  • Mitch Lacey, Presentation “When Working Software Is Not Enough: A Story of Project Failure” on InfoQ (link)
  • Scott Ambler, Presentation “Agile in Practice: What Is Actually Going On Out There?” (link)