SUN is history

On an emotional side note: If you want to remember the SUN logo, download it quickly ! It is breathtaking in what speed the Oracle logo replaces the SUN logo on various websites:

not yet:


They dont even bother to create a combined logo or similar (or fomerly SUN…).

Groovy Blog

Over the Christmas break I decided to spend some time on in-deep groovy’ing some stuff. Time to start another blog on nothing but Groovy and Grails topics and all the snippets and tutorials I am collecting.

If you keen on Groovy, tune-in here:

(running on an own server, in order to make use of some cool worpress plugins which are not available on

Blog: MS Windows 7 Engineering Team

Microsoft sends 2000 developers in 25 feature teams into the race creating the next release of Windows, Windows 7. They started a blog and reporting on progress and features I guess. They are open to the community to feedback and comment. We should keep an eye on this until 2010 (planned release date).

Check it out @ link

Btw, Microsoft announced there will be no major revamp for a server version of Windows 7.
Check the details @ link