FB aquires WhatsApp – Bye and Thanks for the Fish

WhatsApp known for its massive security issues, still used by millions of people as a free replacement of SMS and MMS, was acquired by FB, one (maybe the) biggest data harvester in the internet. I dont use FB, the acquisition is a reason to finally move on to another more secure communication tool: Threema  (Made in Switzerland app with end-to-end encryption). Hope they wont sell privacy for money. Please help to spread the word.

It is NOT free, but is time to understand FREE comes at a price !

Android Investigations (2)

Not enough with the foul play from the previous part, developer also hook on current affairs, like catastrophes and incidents.

Let’s search in the market for “japan nuclear”. We find about 50 apps with these keywords. There are lot of good apps, or apps with good intention, showing current radiation level, etc. Most of them are free. This shows apps can be useful, even in bad days.

But now look at the other side of the medal, some developer try to make cash with apps covering some kind of radiation apps, or try to promote poor games with the crises. Let me put one thing straight, if your app is paid and you donate the revenue to the Japan rebuild/crisis efforts, it is perfectly fine, if not you should be ashamed.
How can I verify if the app is charity related ?

Apps covering the Japan nuclear crisis

Apps covering Japan nuclear crisis

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Android Investigations

I love to examine the physics of the Android market, specifically since it is open and there is no controlling, approving or censoring authority (like the other shop from the fruit department). Anything can be submitted to the market, as long it is not breaking some basic rules and no one flag it as inappropriate (even then I am curious who looks at the flagged apps).

Quite often I browse through news apps and games to see how other developers start new apps in the market, to get ideas and gather more insights of the market ecosystem. I came across another pattern for some new apps, specifically homebew ones. The way the developer try to promote his app by self-praise. This can be achieved by..

App name and description, Keywords and Developer Name

Now you can see more apps with a title including the words free, best, cool,..

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The first 7 days in the Android App Market

After 7 days of existence in the market, 28 user downloaded the application and 50% kept it.
Just learning more about the Android market physics, I updated the application to version 0.2 Beta.
Featured on AndroidZoom, Thanks ! Lets see if there is an impact.

CountRoid on AndroidZoom

I am keen to find out more about the backend of the market. How many applications in total, how many added per day/hour ? How many removed ? How many not being updated for time x ? Language distribution ? Who makes most applications (country) ? How many triggered as spam ?

You want to use the awesome CountRoid ? Point your phone here:

QR Code

You want to know how to create this QR code ?
Goto http://zxing.appspot.com/generator, select URL and enter market://search?q=pname:{your_packagename} (e.g. com.awesome.application). Download the image and print it on your car, T-Shirt, place it on your website or tattoo it on your forehead.

The first 24 hours in the Android App Market

I have a few concepts and ideas in mind for Android applications, some require more knowledge about the platform, some require a proper datasource and some require more time. But still I was very curious how the market works. I didnt want to add another Test or Hello World app to the market, because it is mere market spam. So what is the most simple app you could think of  ? A button that counts ! With a complexity level slightly above “Hello World”. Never mind, I created a 2-button counting app named CountRoid to learn about the physics of the market publishing process. I spare you the description how to do it, it is well documented and easy.

Just some observations:

  • The new application immediately showed up as Just In under Tools, also on the market browser Androidzoom. A few minutes of fame being the first in the list.
  • After 10 minutes another 20 applications showed up in front of me. One day later I cant find it anymore (after giving up scrolling down any longer).
  • In the first few hours zero downloads (are we surprised ? You search for counter or count and you find dozens of more or less fancy counting apps)
  • There are counting apps that cost money !
  • After 24 hours 21 downloads ! How did they find it ? (we will never know). But from  a statistics point of view quite realistic. 300.000 new Android activation every day, so there is a chance someone comes across my app.

I need seriously start thinking about a roadmap for the app ! And if you are completely crazy about counting stuff, go ahead and search for countroid. Its free 1! And there will be no paid advanced version in the future. Unlimited counting !

Android Market

Countroid on Android Market

@ Androidzoom

After 24 hours

CountRoid Screenshot