Oracle abandons Commercial Support for Glassfish !

I could not believe it when I read this in my daily serving of IT news. But it is the truth, Oracle will stop the (commercial) support for Glassfish in 2016 !
I remember a)  the full blown announcements during the take-over from SUN they would continue with Glassfish and b) people questioning it, the later should be right now. Ultimately, even Oracle saying they would continue with the community edition, means Glassfish will be dead, the core team will shrink and Glassfish becomes a hobby in order to maintain the reference EE implementation (to control the other players). They killed OpenOffice, OpenSolaris, Hudson CI (pretty much). I spent a lot of time with Glassfish and right now rolling it out to customers who actually expect commercial support, this back-stabs my efforts in the last few years being a Glassfish fan.

Dear Oracle, I will not continue with WebLogic  Application Server (another closed product), but swing over to JBoss (for which I did some compatibility tests for our applications anyway the last 2 years)

So Long, and Thanks for All the (Glass)Fish !


Netbeans + Visual Paradigm = EJB Tutorial (Part 4)

Based on the previous parts of this tutorial (1, 2, 3) we will modify the application and Glassfish to connect to PostgreSQL or Oracle as DB.

  • Preparing Glassfish libraries
    Download the drivers for Oracle and PostgreSQL and add them to your {GLASSFISHHOME}/domains/{YOURDOMAIN}/lib
    Restart Glassfish.

    Glassfish lib folder

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First hands-on Oracle Solaris 11

After Oracle took over SUN and they dropped OpenSolaris I stopped using or even looking at it. Now a customer is keen on going the Solaris way and I have a chance to get my hands on it (again). I dont have a SUN SPARC sitting here but Oracle continues to support i386 architecture and they have both the iso file with the text installer and  even a ready to run virtual appliance ready to download (link). Oracle released version 11 of Solaris on 2011 November 9. Did you know SUN’s first OS goes back to 1982 as Sun UNIX 0.7 ?

I am not sure what happen to Solaris Express 11 which disappeared completely from Oracle’s website. Will there be another Express version for “free”/development/evaluation use ?

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Netbeans + Visual Paradigm = EJB Tutorial (Part 3)

In part 1 of this tutorial we created an EJB using Netbeans and Visual Paradigm, in part 2 a little ZK application to read data using the EJB. In part 3 we will move away from the Derby DB to PostgreSQL and Oracle DB and challenge ourselves with identifier more than 30 characters, which is an issue for Oracle (yes, it is 2011). We will add columns with more than 30 characters and play with a few different column types (the ones showing up in a normal DB layout).

  • Add new fields to the ERD

    Updated ERD

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SUN is history

On an emotional side note: If you want to remember the SUN logo, download it quickly ! It is breathtaking in what speed the Oracle logo replaces the SUN logo on various websites:

not yet:


They dont even bother to create a combined logo or similar (or fomerly SUN…).

News on Sun goes Oracle

After months of rumors, speculation and fears of loosing products, tools, jobs and world freedom, Oracle announced their strategy in form of a webcast. Still not confirmed but presented as their current plans and intentions. From the technical tools cast (Oracle link, not sure why you need to resize the browser !?!?!) my main points:

  • Netbeans to be continued with the same team and the same setup towards the community. Collaborating with the JDeveloper and Eclipse plugin team.
  • Kenai to die (aka becomes internal). I just started to place my tutorial projects there, time again, to move back to SourceForge or launchpad or github.

Find the other recorded webcasts here (Oracle link).

My personal view: It is still 100% finalized, even short-term changes might not be dramatic, but over time changes will come and I wont like the introduction of enterprise features here and there for  $$$, while a community edition becomes just good enough for students.

News: Java goes Oracle

With one company (IBM) jumping off the merger train another big one joins the game: ORACLE. I guess at this moment no one can really judge if that is the better choice or not, neither would anyone be able to foresee what exactly going to happen to “our” (as in OpenSource) Java, MySql, Netbeans, JavaFX,…
For the last few hours news IT websites, blogs and forums in the IT world are rapidly filling up with news, opinions and rumors about the big deal which definitely will impact the IT world.

Some news summary from JavaLobby (link)