Jazoon 2009: Day 0 – Glassfishday

Before the official start of the 3 day conference one could join either an OSGi conference or the Glassfish Community Day, I selected the later one and got some updates on Glassfish V3 and upcoming Java EE6. Alexis MP on Glassfish, its roadmap and features of the Enterprise Manager (you get as subscriber). Roberto Chinnici (JSR lead) on the the latest developments in EE6 due to be out in September this year. Marek Potociar on Metro, the Webservice stack in Glassfish. Jerome Doches on Glassfish V3 (now out as preview version). Ed Burns on JSF 2.0.

Definitely a day worth attending (even it was free), this year surely gonna be interesting with some new releases around the corner.


  • Polling the crowd I noticed the majority uses Eclipse, followed by Netbeans and some using IntelliJ IDEA.
  • Glassfish has the steepest download rate of all application server, the competing products are even declining. (Not sure about that)
  • Seems the final releas of Netbeans 6.7 will be out this week.
  • There will be a Netbeans 6.8. I thought we are walking towards version 7.

SUN Tech Days Singapore 2009

The 2009 event in Singapore is open for registration (link). For an early bird fee of 40.00 SGD you can join the conference and attend up to 4 hands-on session for 50.00 SGD each.
The sessions cover:
– Learn to Build Reliable and Secure Web Services using JAX-WS and WSIT
– Building Rich Web applications with Ajax Framework
– Rich Client Applications: Getting Started with the JavaFX Preview SDK
– Exposing the Depths of Java Applications with DTrace

On real IT conferences

Despite the need to keep yourself up-to-date on a pure technical level by reading books and websites, and even more important, by DOING it (IT), means try tools, IDE’s, solutions, basically getting your hands dirty, it is always worth looking out for ongoing conferences in your neighborhood. Just 2 weekas ago I joined 2 sessions at a conference in Singapore about Software Process Engineering (by Processworks Group, link). One about distributed development teams (Evan Leybourn from Looking Glass Solutions (LGS), Australia) and the other one about Advanced Testcase Design Techniques (Phil Robinson from Lonsdale Systems, Australia). Both pretty good presenter and sharing lots of experience.

So look out for conferences nearby. And dont forget to cover topics that are not of pure technical nature only.