Netbeans 6.8, Glassfish V3 and JavaEE6 released

The waiting is over, finally we get our hands on a production release of EE6 and Glassfish V3. Last week (Dec 10th) released, you also get it together with Netbeans 6.8. There is lot of attention and coverage on the latest version of the enterprise platform, so I spare you from my personal views,  though I was really looking forward to use it beyond previews and beta’s. I am excited to work with the matured and now “rightsized” framework. Time to get active on writing tutorials and books.

Some useful links with more details:

ZK 3.6.3 with Netbeans 6.8 Beta on Glassfish V3

I am using Netbeans 6.8B for a few days and mainly testing if my existing JEE5 projects can be opened, deployed and executed on GF3. I am using ZK as Web/Ajax Framework. Usually the ZK team releases a new NB plugin to help you to create ZK based Java Web projects. Currently the plugin supports 3.6.2, some days back ZK 3.6.3 was released, so I guess in a few days time we will have a 3.6.3 plugin. The plugin creates a skeleton for a JEE5 webproject and I doubt they will support Java EE6 before EE6 is finally released (December?).

I was curious to see if I get the latest ZK running on GF V3 as a JEE6 application.

Part 1: ZK 3.6.2 with Netbeans 6.8B as EE5 Web Project

First, lets try first to add the 3.6.2. plugin to NB 6.8B


ZK plugin 3.6.2

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News: Netbeans, Glassfish, EE6

  • Netbeans RC2
    The second release candidate is available for download. Download at (link) We should he seeing the final release soon in June.
  • EE6 Preview SDK
    Glassfish V3 preview comes together with samples and tutorials giving a preview on the upcoming EE6. Still most of it is based on JSR’s that are not final yet.
    Some feedback from JavaOne regarding release dates on Jim Whites’s Blog (link)

News: Glassfish, JEE6 and Ruby on Rails

  • Glassfish v2.1
    This update release (end of January 09) should be the final release before moving on to V3 somewhere late in 2009.
    Download and more info at
    The differences between Glassfish V 2.x and V3 here.
  • Ruby on Rails
    Release 2.3 is availble for download (link)
    Find all the details of this substantial update at

  • JEE6 update
    The Public Review Ballot for JSR #316 was closed on February 23.
    A major milestone towards a release in 2009.
    More info at

Daily Thoughts 3

  • REA
    We all know about RIA, aka Rich Internet Applications. But do you know there is also a REA ? Rich Enterprise Applications ! Not exactly sure what it means, but I am sure its like RIA pimp my boring business and office application. I came across the word on the Icefaces website.
  • JEE6
    The latest release should have already hit the road in 2008, but JSR 316 (link) only now is under public review until February 23. I guess the step from version 5 to 6 will not be as dramatic as in the previous historic change from J2EE 1.4 (released 2002) to JEE5 (May 2006). But life becomes more easier or better more abstract. Just worries me that you need lots of experience to understand whats going on under the hood !
    Some work coming up for all the Application Server Vendor to become compliant again (most of them sit in the JCP commitee anyway), not to mention customer s who still use 1.4,  running behind the crowd with their systems! Time will reveal the roadmap.
    Lots of new books gonna delight us on JEE6 and J7 !