Singapore JUG Update

Last monday we met for the third time. 15 people showed up following in a relaxed 2 hours on these topics:

  • Servlet 3.0 (part of EE6) by Chuk
  • JVM based languages Clojure, Scala bu Chuk (guess more to come soon once the he add the other languages)
  • Pomodoro Time Management by me
  • Netbeans, Cobertura, Hudson hands-on by me

You want to join ? Next meetup not yet scheduled. Drop by


News: Android, ZK, Motorola

  • Android SDK 1.5r3
    Without big announcements the third release of the SDK is available for download at (link)
  • Motorola goes Android
    Despite (or maybe because of) its declining mobile business Motorola starts a new platform for Android support coming with tools (still in beta), marketplace and more. The tool are available only for Windows and Mac OSX. Find more infos at MOTODEV (link).
  • Singapore Android usergroup
    A dedicated group with regular meetups and own website (link)
  • ZK 5
    We are getting closer to major release 5 by Potix. You can find some general info at (link). A preview version is also available for download (link).

Jazoon 2009: Day 1

The opening session of day 1 of this years Jazoon conference (which seems to be no.2 in size following Javapolis, now called Devoxx) was opened with a keynote by James Gosling (wiki link), the famous brain behind or father of Java. An impressive person and it is an unique experience to hear him talking live, even I am sure he is used to this publicity fuzz, treated like a rockstar (take note of the book Secrets of Rockstar Programmers by Ed Burns that also covers James Gosling).

Further tracks I attended:

  • Dierk Koenig (author of Groovy in Action) on Usage Patterns for Groovy (link). Who is not looking yet at Groovy should be doing so soon.
  • Design Pattern in Dynamic Languages by Neal Ford (blog).
  • Hand Dockter about the build-system Gradle (link). The build system without stable release yet, tries to find its place somewhere in the ANT and MAVEN landscape offering some more dynamic features.
  • Next generation Builds for Enterprise Systems with Maven, Hudson, Nexus and more by Jason van Zyl (bit too complex and too many features for me)
  • Java Rule Engines. ILog versus Drools. A short overview.

Keynote by Neal Ford on how to stay up-to-date with technology and predict upcoming hits and flops. This is my third time I joins his sessions on various topics. He is definetly very experienced and entertaining presenter. Followed by Ivar Jacobson (one of the 3 amigos, link) on agile and smart methodology/strategies.

More info on Jazoon 2009 at


There is a couple of virtualization products out there. Besides Virtualbox fron SUN (link), we have VMWare (link) that offers the Player and the Server edition for free. These are great tools to run separate OS or separate “virtual” machines as server or clean environments. If you run several of them concurrent a 64bit version of Windows and more memory makes sense.

I also recommend to drop by..
a) the virtual appliances marketplace with tons of pre-build servers and OS (link)
b) JumpBox (link) with a variety of pre-build applications (like BugZilla in a box)

You can save quite some time if you either want to evaluate a product without installing or use without worrying too much about the installation process.

I have a openSolaris, Fedora9 and Windows2003 Server always on standby for testing, as well running a wiki, bugtracking,.. on it.

Another log

Yet another blog on this web 2.0 planet. When will web 3.0 hit us ?
Ok, lets get started. First day with the maximum of energy to contribute and add info. The same time our upstairs neighbors are hacking the floor ! Great.